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In addition to an artistic practice that has been sustained for 24 years, Jean Martin was the art director as well as a teacher for the Marsan International School of Photography from 2008 to 2017. He is also in charge of the visual aspect of the independent record label Unknown Records since 2007.


Now, Jean Martin lives in the Eastern Townships in order to devote himself to his own endeavours in photography.

My work mostly centers on memory. I think that photography tends

to slow down the process of “forgetting”. Since the last 15 years, I

have work on many series; Le Thanathoscope in 2008, Détritus in

2010 and Unauthorized Content in 2012.


Now, I try to give a new spin to documentary photography. In New

England Ghost Story, I wanted to combine the classic approach with

a more sensitive comprehension of the subject. Mostly, I tell the

story of a place by combining fiction and reality and maybe give to

my reader a deeper understanding of what unites this community

to the sea.



2023 - Photo of the Year Winner, World Photo Awards 
2023 - Prime Award Winner, Monte Trust
2023 - Der Tag Award
2023 - ILR International Photography Prize
2023 - Photo of the Year Winner, World Photo Awards
2023 - Trevor Trust Grant Winner
2023 - Photo of the Year, Tribune Prize
2023 - MCT International Grant Winner



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